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Columbia Septic Pros has been used in Columbia and the surrounding area for over 20 years. Our professional staff ensures that all work is done correctly the first time. Our company can perform any type of septic service Columbia, including maintenance, repair, replacement, and new installation.  Here at Columbia Septic Pros, we are dedicated to solving your septic problems and constantly striving to meet today’s environmental requirements, providing safe terminals, sales and cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. We would love the opportunity to earn your business!  Give us a call! (803) 756-3756

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Our company is licensed and insured, and all our services are performed by highly qualified technicians. While routine sewage system maintenance from the very beginning of your sewage systems life is often overlooked by homeowners, a system failure can lead to some stinky problems. We offer emergency after-hours services and in most cases, same day service for minor repairs and maintenance. Columbia Septic Pros is the preferred septic service in Columbia, SC by both businesses and homeowners. Letting a team without proper experience operate on your septic system can cost you a great deal more than an experienced team like Columbia Septic Pros.

Our team of seasoned professionals go by a very specific routine to identify what the exact needs of your septic system are during the assessment so that only the right services are performed. Many times a home or business owner will hire a friend who “does septic services” and they say the problem is one thing only to find out that it was something completely different. Now they have spent money on the cost of two different services and wasted time due to lack of experience. Doing it right the first time is always the cheapest way to go in the long run. A properly functioning septic system is just as important to your home as your A/C system during the summer months.


Over time, your septic system will become full and need to be pumped. In most cases our company sees, septic pumping doesn’t happen until other issues arise. Issues such as slow or no drainage, back-flow of wastes or even lawn or home flooding.  These issues can be extremely stinky! If you experience any of these issues, don’t put off having your septic system pumped. Over filling can cause extensive damage to the system, damage to your home and cost much more than it would have simply getting the system pumped. 

How Does a Septic System Work?

It’s easy to forget about your septic system, but it’s a still a very important part of the water system of your home. That’s why Columbia Septic Pros strive to be readily available to offer a variety of services at a great price. Whatever the issue may be, we’ve got the solution to the problem that fits your needs and fits your budget. 

Septic tanks work by channeling the waste that comes directly from the toilets in your home into a very large underground tank. The tank may be plastic, or it may be concrete. In the tank, the waste separates as it sits. These layers are known as scum, waste water, and sludge. Scum is mostly oils and grease sitting on top of the water. The waste water is the actual liquid portion of the tank. Sludge is basically what it sounds like, the heavy solid waste that sinks to the bottom. Natural bacterias in the tank break down the sludge, and the septic tank has what are called flappers that channel the waste water through another chamber and out, sometimes through a series of pipes called a drain field.

If the tank becomes full faster than the sludge can break down and faster that the waste water can evenly disperse, you get a yard full of waste. Gross! It’s easy to prevent this from happening, and definitely worth it. GIve the professionals at Columbia Septic Pros a call and get your system taken care of today.