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It takes time to learn the ins and outs of septic tank issues and how to solve them. Experience is the best way to learn, and we’ve got the experience and the knowledge that gives us the upper hand in finding the right solution, the first time. When it comes to your septic tank, and the health of our waste water system don’t mess around. It could easily become a situation where you can’t so much as flush a toilet or walk around your yard. A simple inspection can easily prevent all the issues and keep your system working perfectly for years to come. Save yourself stress and money and have a member of our team take a look at your septic system today.

There’s always a member of our team of highly trained, experienced professionals ready to answer any questions you may have or get you schedule today. We offer free consultations, always! You won’t find a better price from a team with the same level of experience. 

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Columbia Septic Inspection, Why Get One?

A septic tank is a closed container buried into the ground, typically made of plastic or concrete. The toilets and drains in the home are directly connected to the septic tank. When waste water collects in side the tank, it normally separates into three layers that septic service companies refer to as scum, water, and sludge. The water layer is in the middle, and carefully placed pipes and flappers let the water flow from the first compartment to the second, and then dissipate in a safe way through a set of pipes generally referred to as a soil absorbtion field. The solid waste portion that collects in the tank is supposed to deteriorate on its own because natural bacteria works to decompose the majority of it. 

When the tank is too full, or there’s too much waste water being creating, that bacteria may not survive and be able to continue doing its job. That’s when the sludge builds up and causes blockages, over flows, and big problems. Keep the bacteria healthy, and the absorbtion field functioning with a simple inspection and find out if your system is in need of pumping to continue doing its job properly.