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When You Need Septic Pumping, You Need It Fast!

Whether it’s a minor toilet issue, an underground tank leak, or a total tank replacement, Columbia Septic pros can get it done. It is highly recommended to have a septic tank serviced approximately every three years or at the very first sign of trouble. A regular scheduled service, and caution upon suspicion can definitely save tons of money and stress. Columbia Pros cares about the homes and lawns of all customers and takes extra care to be the best team in town. Keep the septic system functioning to the best of it’s ability with the services available to you, at a great price. A clean-out service can be extremely beneficial to eliminate build-up and prevent major clogs and overflow. This process will greatly extend the time between pumping services if it’s done BEFORE it becomes a problem. 

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Staying one step ahead is the best way to avoid issues and save money. You’re welcome to give us a call and request a system check for your septic system. We can locate and diagnose a system in a jiffy, and help you find out when to expect a system service to be required. Do it  before it gets out of control. Caring for a home can be a lot of work, between lawn maintenance, bills, and chores. Put your mind at ease and make sure this is one less catastrophe to deal with, before it happens. Call Columbia Septic Pros today, and let’s fix it!